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The Cold, Hard Facts on Winter Skincare: How to Help Your Skin Survive the Cold, Dry Air with Tips from Skincare Guru, Corianne Cowan

I spoke with hair and makeup artist Corianne Cowan from The Spin Style Agency in Atlanta about protecting your skin from the cold outdoor air and indoor heat during winter.

Taking care of Winter skin
Hair and Makeup Artist - Corianne Cowan with The Spin Style Agency 

Erikka: Hey Corianne! First of all, your skin is always amazing! What is your daily skin routine?

Corianne: Thanks! In the morning, I usually wash my face, apply an eye cream, use an antioxidant serum, put on sunscreen, and finish with lip gloss before heading out. At night, I prefer a double cleanse and prep my skin before applying Tretinoin, a prescription medicated acne cream that works to keep pores clear.

Gentle cleansing for winter skincare
Hair and Makeup by Corianne Cowan

Erikka: What do you change about your routine to adapt to the colder temperatures?

Corianne: During the winter months, instead of washing my face in the morning, I opt for atoner. I use Mediheal’s toner pads which is a K Beauty brand (an overall term for skincare products from South Korea), and then continue with my regular daily skincare routine, always finishing with sunscreen. In the evenings during the winter, my skin is often more inflamed, and I can’t use Tretinoin as frequently. On those nights, I focus on moisturizing my skin and use calming sprays to soothe my skin. One of my favorite calming sprays is Dermalogica, which contains oatmeal extracts and does an excellent job of soothing my skin instantly.

Erikka: What product(s) can’t you live without when the temperature drops?

Corianne: During cold weather, I always use a hydrating mask to keep my skin moisturized and plump. My go-to product is the Caudalie Vinosource-Hydra Moisturizing Mask, which I also use on brides or for press-related events. Even though I have oily skin, I still need to use a hydrating mask because heaters can dehydrate my skin. Therefore, it's important to keep your skin moisturized even if you have oily skin. Apart from the hydrating mask, I also use a simple, rich, and thick moisturizer. One of my favorites is made by LaRoche Posay and is approved by the National Eczema Association. It's suitable for both face and body use, and since I have eczema, it's a great product for me. The moisturizer has simple ingredients and is very hydrating.

Winter Skincare
Hair and Makeup by Corianne Cowan 

Erikka: Any advice on relieving redness in the winter?

Corianne: When it comes to redness, it's important to identify the root cause. Sometimes, it can be due to temporary irritation caused by environmental factors or situational triggers like exposure to cold weather. However, with the abundance of skincare products available on the market, the problem may be due to overuse of different products. So, my first advice is to simplify your skincare routine. Another problem that I often come across is over-exfoliation, which can damage your skin's barrier. It's best to exfoliate a maximum of two times a week to allow your skin to heal and calm down. If you're looking for ways to reduce the appearance of redness during the colder months, using concealer or a tinted moisturizer can be a great option. I love Hourglass Vanish Airbrush or for lighter coverage, and Kosas Revealer Concealer. My favorite tinted moisture is Danessa Myricks’ Yummy Skin Tint.

Winter Skincare
Hair and Makeup Artist - Corianne Cowan with The Spin Style Agency 

Erikka: My biggest pet peeve is dry lips. What products do you recommend to keep lips moisturized in the winter?

Corianne: You know, I feel like this is so common. I work with models and talent doing commercial photography and you are working with everyday people providing natural beauty makeup. Dry lips are prominent, and not just in the winter. Lips are the first thing I look at when someone sits in my makeup chair so I can get an idea of what I need to do to make sure they look great for commercial and editorial photography. If I’m going to put on lipstick or even lip gloss, I don’t want to put that on top of really dry skin that is peeling because that’s not going to look good. So, the first thing is to stay hydrated, which is not a topical thing but it does make a difference. Drink water. If you struggle with drinking water, add some fruit like berries, watermelon with mint (my summer favorite), cucumber, or a water enhancer. Secondly, I know there are a lot of lip balms to choose from and I even posted recently on social media about the struggle of finding a good one. I feel like most products don’t actually moisturize your lips. For a simple lip balm that never fails, I highly recommend Aquaphor because it keeps your lips moisturized beTer than the lip oils that are popular nowadays. Lip oils can't penetrate your lips and protect them the way that Aquaphor can, which is essen;al to keep your lips supple. I personally have a large tub of Aquaphor at home and always carry a tube in my work bag, backpack, and everywhere I go. I have tried many of the fancy brands, but Aquaphor is hands down the best.

CORIANNE’S PRO TIP: Use a baby toothbrush to gently exfoliate your lips with a DIY sugar and

honey mixture (about 1/4 tsp each), then apply Aquaphor, it works perfectly!

Erikka: I appreciate you taking the ;me to share your expertise with me and The Spin Style Audience, I know I’ll personally be using some of these ;ps myself.

For more information on Corianne Cowan or to view her portfolio, please visit The Spin Style Agency.

Stay warm everyone!

Photographer - Brittany Wages
Hair and Makeup Artist - Corianne Cowan with The Spin Style Agency 


Erikka Hart, Writer


Although her name may be new to this side of the creative industry, storytelling has always been a part of her DNA. Erikka has written poetry, blogs, short stories, and journals for as long as she can remember and worked as a trusted makeup artist in the entertainment industry for two decades. She worked with clients like Nike, Adidas, Cartoon Network, Netflix, Hulu, and entertainment giants like Shaq (pun intended). While being a makeup artist was creatively fulfilling, Erikka always knew that writing was her true passion. The year 2020 forced her to pause and reflect on her life; it was just the motivation she needed to return to school. Writing has always been her calling, and she knew it was her destiny to pursue it as a career. Her experience as a commercial makeup artist helped develop her eye for detail, which still serves her in her current profession. That, combined with her love for storytelling, allows her to create compelling content as a professional copywriter.

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