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Corianne Cowan

Hair & Makeup

Corianne Cowan

Proudly born and raised in Texas, Corianne will admit it wasn’t until she moved to Georgia that she was able to discover the core of her career. She grew up doing hair and makeup at her family’s hair salon and following college and cosmetology school, she began working in bridal before expanding her portfolio, joining a circus performance troop in Atlanta and doing video work for a small tech start up.

Inspiration and education have helped to drive Corianne’s career, inspired by artists including Mali and Melissa Street, and continuing her education through workshops, classes, and valued one-on-one intensives from other artists. She’s particularly proud of her focus on men’s grooming, no-makeup makeup looks, and the beauty looks she’s done; and fondly recalls the opportunity to do makeup and hair for a round table in Atlanta that included former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin and activist Andrew Young.

A single mom to whom she lovingly refers to as ‘the coolest and most intelligent 18-year-old on the planet’, Corianne is also a pianist and loves reading and hiking.

Work Highlights

TPain //  Fast Company // Former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin

Hydrafacial // Disney // Delta

Faced // Victor Oladipo // Cam Newton

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