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Wardrobe stylist Fatiyha Johnson.

Fatiyha Johnson

Fatiyha’s styling career may have been a pivot, but a long sought-after goal.  After studying Speech Communications and Journalism, with a concentration in Public Relations, Fatiyha (pronounced fa-HEE-ya) applied her experience and desire to work within beauty and fashion to carve a unique position in those industries in Atlanta for more >

Fatiyha Johnson's expertise in wardrobe styling showcased through a captivating four-image grid, highlighting versatile and impactful fashion ensembles.
Wardrobe stylist Cari Nelson wearing a sunflower blouse.

Cari Nelson

Born in the small midwest town of Harlan, Iowa, Cari always believed that she’d follow her creative passion to a big city.  In 2002, she moved to Los Angeles at just 18 years old, determined to forge a career in wardrobe styling.  With a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from California State University, she gained industry more >

Cari Nelson's creative flair in wardrobe styling showcased through a captivating four-image grid, featuring diverse and trendsetting fashion ensembles.
Wardrobe stylist Abigail Propst.

Abigail Propst

A Los Angeles girl, born and raised, Abigail’s passion for fashion was first nurtured by her mother, a former model, and further flamed while living abroad in Barcelona, working for the Museum of Contemporary Art.  Immersed in a neighborhood filled with galleries, shops, restaurants, museums, architecture, and fashion, inspiration was all around more >

Abigail Propst's artistry in wardrobe styling showcased in a compelling four-image grid, highlighting a range of meticulously curated and visually striking fashion compositions.
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