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Food stylist Laura Cole

Laura Cole

Inspired by a true love of food and art, Laura views her career in food styling as a combination of both, ultimately creating the perfect profession. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art, Laura’s path in styling came years later following an early career as a Designer and Art Director in corporate more >

Laura Cole's food styling is shown in 4 different beautiful arrangements.
Food stylist Kim Phillips.

Kim Phillips

Growing up just south of Atlanta, Kim will tell you it took living in New York City and traveling around the world to make her truly appreciate the magic of being raised in the South.  A lover of a great boot and sunny southern days, it’s her preference for imperfection and texture that make her career in Set Design truly more >

A four-image grid showcasing Kim Phillips' exceptional food styling skills, presenting a delectable array of culinary creations with artistic presentation and meticulous detailing.
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