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Finding Your Way in Uncertain Times: Strategies for Managing Change and Cultivating Resilience

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

How do I quiet the sirens; where do we go from here with so many unknowns?

When uncertainty strikes, it's easy to feel powerless and overwhelmed. Whether it's global crises, personal struggles, or the fact that the world is constantly changing, it can be overwhelming to feel like we are at the mercy of forces beyond our control. But in those moments, taking focused action can be a powerful way to gain a sense of control and cultivate resilience. Here are some strategies that can help.

Cultivate mindfulness

One of the most powerful tools for managing uncertainty is mindfulness. By training ourselves to be present in the moment and observe our thoughts without judgment, we can quiet the sirens of anxiety and find a sense of calm.

Mindfulness could look like early morning journaling, downloading your worry and fear on the page before the day begins, allowing room to start the day fresh. I like to conclude my daily entry with positive emotions and clear intentions, so I begin again.

Meditation is one of the best ways to quiet the racing thoughts and settle the nervous system. Try incorporating a daily mindfulness practice into your routine, whether it's meditation, yoga, or simply taking a few minutes to breathe deeply and tune out distractions.

Get Clear on Your Priorities

When you're feeling uneasy or unsure about what's to come, it can be helpful to get clear on your priorities. What matters to you? What are your values and goals? By reflecting on these questions, you can create a sense of purpose and direction that can guide you through even the most uncertain times.

Preparing for the Pivot

In uncertain times, it's essential to be prepared to pivot if necessary. While getting clear on where to pivot is one part of the equation, the other is preparation. Where can you spend your energy to prepare for the pivot? Curiosity, experimentation, and exploration can all serve as motivation. What classes could you be taking? Which software or apps should you experiment and play with? Remember, a pivot could look like an entirely new industry, or it could simply be adding new skills to your existing tool kit.

Embrace Adaptability

In a world that is constantly changing, adaptability is key. Rather than resisting change or holding on to the past, try cultivating a growth mindset and experimenting with new ideas and approaches. Remember that pivoting isn't a failure; it's simply a natural part of the process of growth and learning. It's not uncommon to fear the change and, once on the other side, revel in it.

Build a Support Network

Finally, don't underestimate the importance of a strong support network. Seek out mentors, allies, and friends who can offer guidance and support when you need it most. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it, and remember that you are not alone in your struggles. We need community for our own growth and survival.

In times of uncertainty, it's easy to feel helpless and stuck. But by taking focused action, clarifying your priorities, and preparing for change, you can regain control and build resilience. Remember to stay adaptable and flexible in your approach, and surround yourself with a strong support network that can help guide you through challenges that come your way. These strategies can empower you to approach even the most difficult uncertainties with grace and determination, ready to overcome any obstacle.

Photographer - Guy Welch
Stylist and AD - Darcie Adler
Client - Sohana Arni, Shaper Sense, Cooper Lighting

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