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Risha Carnes


Risha Carnes

Turning her eye to design at 19, Risha studied Costume and Production Design at Columbia College in Chicago where she discovered a love of visual storytelling and material craft. In 2010, Risha owned and operated a small fashion retail business, Extant Fair, in Savannah, GA, featuring a design studio for soft goods where she fostered an environment to engage with independent design work from around the world.

From studying the leather craft in Berlin, to designing the window displays on NYC’s iconic 5th Avenue for Anthropologie in 2017, Risha’s travels and experiences have challenged her to expand her perspective across fashion, lighting, set design and more.

Risha’s love of working with, and being inspired by a team led her to The Spin Style in 2021 where she focuses on design and styling for projects including Entertainment Weekly’s digital cover, Intel, and America’s Mart.  A perpetual student, Risha highlights travel as her greatest creative influence, gathering energy through the diversity of her discoveries.

Work Highlights

SCAD // Intel // Entertainment Weekly

America’s Mart // Extant Fair // Ring Redux

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