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Katie Benson


Katie Benson

An Atlanta native, Katie’s love of curation and design started early and quickly took her to Paris where she studied floral design.  It was through florals that Katie discovered her love of Prop Design, which brought her to New York City where she took classes and began her career.

With a passion for finding the perfect piece that brings a set to life, Katie will seek out the ideal props for every production.  Whether sifting through an antique shop or sourcing from a distant country, Katie is continuously motivated by the potential of discovery.

Katie’s unique creative perspective is a balance between her love of couture - like Chanel and Dior, with a deep appreciation for meditation and holistic practice.  She brings an immaculate attention to detail on set, and to-date Katie has brought her talents to more than twenty productions with The Spin Style.

Work Highlights

Spanx // Garden & Gun // SOMA

Delta // Yankee Candle // Popeyes

Allure Magazine // Dell / Shaw

Ozark on Netflix

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