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Haley Dani

Hair & Makeup

Haley Dani

Georgia-born and raised, Haley comes from a family of painters, seamstresses, woodworkers, brewmasters and sketch artists, inspiring a love of all things creative from a young age. A passion for hair and makeup was stoked by childhood memories of time spent in the salon getting her hair done with her mom and finding a natural creative outlet in the art of self-expression through makeup.

Grounded in self-taught skill, Haley built her career foundation studying at the Studio Crush School of Makeup in Atlanta, learning a variety of looks while being photographed in real-time. While Haley loves to create soft beauty personalized to each individual, her true aesthetic is self-proclaimed editorial glamour sparked by bold colors, sharp lines, glitter, and statement eyes.

Haley has built a successful career in fashion and editorial work, including a feature in Vogue’s ‘Feature of the Week,’ a cover for Esquire Italia, and collaboration with up-and-coming designer Kelsey Randall. Haley then broke into television and film, working on shows for HBO Max and Netflix, including Stranger Things, before

signing with The Spin Style in 2022.

Rooted in a beautiful community filled with acceptance, creativity, and passion, Haley loves that she gets paid to play with makeup, taking inspiration from movies, art, nature, and the creative people she has the opportunity to work with every day.

Netflix’s Stranger Things // Ren Adkins

Re/Load Gamer Broadcast // ‘Red One’ Film x MEA Productions

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