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Fatiyha Johnson


Fatiyha Johnson

Fatiyha’s styling career may have been a pivot, but a long sought-after goal.  After studying Speech Communications and Journalism, with a concentration in Public Relations, Fatiyha (pronounced fa-HEE-ya) applied her experience and desire to work within beauty and fashion to carve a unique position in those industries in Atlanta for herself.

A sourcebook for the Atlanta fashion industry led her to The Spin Style where she has grown as a stylist and expanded her knowledge and experience on set, working with world-renowned photographers and iconic consumer brands.

Fatiyha’s strengths can be seen in her attention to detail and talent for proportion and lines, but her passion lies in the power of accessories and the beautiful addition it can make to even the simplest of canvases.

Work Highlights

Ahmad Barber

Guy Welch

Old Navy


Mohawk Industries

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