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Arlene Martin

Hair & Makeup

Arlene Martin

Arlene will tell you that her career in hair chose her from an early age.  She began styling her friends’ hair in high school, and quickly built a name for herself and her talents.

Relocating from North Carolina to Atlanta, Arlene took on the inimitable balance of motherhood while studying hair and cosmetology.  Arlene began working as a stylist cutting hair and then something bigger called her.

Through education, hard work and experience, Arlene elevated her career to work on photoshoots, editorial, and live production.  Arlene became the lead stylist for New York Fashion Week and continues her production and editorial work through The Spin Style.

Arlene prioritizes education to continue building her craft in an ever-evolving industry, while paying it forward as a motivational speaker for cosmetology students and at-risk youth.

Work Highlights 
Dynasty // The Bold Type // PValley // American Soul 
The Banker // Bad Boys for Life

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